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So, I'm trying to build some decks IRL, and I cannot afford to buy all the staples for them (Solemn Warnings, Mirror Forces, etc.) Are there any good replacements for these cards? I'm already using torrential, compulsory, and some MSTs.
Are those really expensive? I know that a lot of staples were reprinted and those cards have dropped. I'm not sure though since its been a long time. Also depends on what you think might be expensive and not. Anyway for Solemn you could use cards like black horn (though I heard that one had become a bit pricey) or Void Trap Hole/Traptrix Nightmare Hole. They only stop special summon though. For Mirror and don't know any good replacementbut its available in common anyway so I'm sure you can find some cheap one.

You might as well post the deck you're trying to build so it would help for building a Budget deck.
mooyan curry
Depending on your deck and its draw power and other things, but here's some.

Forbidden Chalice - Almost every deck needs some form of monster effect negation. This card is very affordable ($1 on Troll and Toad) compared to similar cards and it is especially useful to stop the effects of Artifacts and Flip effect monsters among others.

Needle Ceiling - If your deck sets monsters, this can stop opponent's monster swarms.

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast - If your hand has extra cards to spare, try this.


Enemy Controller
Raigeki Break
Call of the Haunted
Trap Hole
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Just: With Mirror and D-Prison coming back to 3, I'm going to need even more. Also, 5 dollars for mirror force, when I use 2-3 per deck is a lot in the long run. And Horn is a ton more than the others.

Mooyan: Thanks! I'm actually trying to build Gimmick Puppets. I've had the deck online for a while, and I have all the staples except for solemn warning and mirror forces. So since I'm broke right now I need to get some replacements for them 🙂
Oh rly? 5 bucks for Mirror. Kk the last time I asks somebody how much he wanted he said 2€. Didn't expect it to become expensive. Most decks usely dropped it anyway since Hands would still get their effect and battletraps in general were replaced with Trap Hole cards etc to stop them before the battlephase. And Horn used to be alot cheaper but I guess during the last few format it become more popular hence the over price.
Anyway since you play Gimmick I would say go with Curry's advice and add Wind Wing Blast or Raigeki Break. You have alot of cards that you can use from your grave. Might as well consider playing a Divine Wrath if you don't have any better effect negation card.
For D-Prison you could play Memory of Adversary. You still take dmg but you will steal your opponents monster with it. Not optimal against Hands I guess but I don't know any better generic traps besides Sakuretsu.
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Thanks 🙂 Btw, 2 quid is about 5 dollars. (Darn those foreign moneys!) I hadn't considered Memory though! Thanks! 😃
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