yu-gi-oh pro 111
im new in yu-gi-oh pro i know how to play yu-gi-oh but i dont know how to play in this game i already downloaded this game newest version i go to multi player when i click on host in online mode and choose how my host will be it says it cannot connect to host when i go to lan mode when i choose join it syas cannot conect to host when i try to make host in lan mode it work but no matter how long i will wait no one will come please aswer this as soon as you can and 1 more thing how long does it take until new version comes[:wall:] [:wall:] [:sneaky:]
sometimes you cannot connect to the host in Multi-player as the server may be down or a lot of people and your hosting request times out.

As for LAN no clue....

but if you cant connect in USA or Euro server try switching. you should see people that have set. if not refresh.