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Here you can download all character decks from Yugioh tag force 6!![:laugh:]
Also you are able to use these decks for AI Duels!![:smile:]

Decks 0-50



Coming soon (I hope[:doh:] )

Important: If for some reason some decks have less than 40 cards that mean probably that you have missing anime cards!![:wall:] This usually happen if some decks have anime cards even percy not add yet!![:sad:] Please report for the decks who have less than 40 cards!![:wink:]

Have fun!![:laugh:]

Michael Lawrence Dee
Just want to say this is quite good. But remember. Choose Anime of TF Cards over Real Cards some of the decks become unplayable or less powerful. Like Leo 14 and Luna 14 (Don't know the japanese deck names) Watt Deck. I use it and it's in my Decks Help topic. Use Berserker Soul (Anime). Unfortuantely, there are problems with the v4 anime cards. We have completed ALL Tag Force Cards except Wiretap (Anime). Please update these decks when v5 is updated once more to fix the v4 cards.

EDIT: Just downloaded the .7z update and all the v4 cards are back.
Now this is how I play: