The only thing I can say at this moment is.

- When using Hieratics AI Loves to play Attack mode with everything, and does no know what defense mode is.

- Self-Controlled AI mode does not work.

- Suicides with monsters any chance it gets.

- Attacks with 0 attack monsters despite not being able to kill opponents monster.

- Hieratic Dragon Nuit occasionally can attack the 1st turn its special summoned.

- Heavy storms when it will clearly give himself a disadvantage.

- Loves to suicide with monsters of equal attack despite giving the opponent a advantage

- It uses quick plays on its turn not utilizing their full effect, In my case spell book of fate set my monster face own.
Then he proceeded to end his turn.

- Uses effect veilers effect on a monster whose effect is useless.
(Hieratic Dragon Nebhet with no monsters on the opponents side of the field.)

- Doesn't use Maxx "C" Properly for its effect.

- Use's High Priestess of Prophecy to destroy herself, for no apparent reason.

- Use's Tragodia's effect despite not using it for a XYZ or Sychro Summon

- Not using optional magic card effects despite meeting its prerequisite.
(IE: Spellbook of power for me)

- Empties hand and proceeds not to get optional card effects, to fill hand back up
(Using Prophecy)
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