Ok so I am trying to make a field spell which once it reaches so may counters can special summon an xyz creature from my extra deck. Now for specifics.

The XYZ creature I am creating can only be summoned by the effect
The Field Card Requires it to reach 3 counters (completed)
The Field Card Gains counters each time a specific Archetype destroys a monster (Completed)
The Field Card adds a new effect to all creatures on my side of the field with a specific Archetype (haven't tried yet)

Ok so now this is exactly what the cards are and what I want them to do

"Blood King"
Cannot Be Destroyed By Battle
Can not be Normal Summoned, Set, Special Summoned except by the following card "Carpathian Castle"
Can only be summoned in Attack Position and Position is Locked
Gains 300 Attack for each creature in both graveyards

Field Spell
"Carpathian Castle"
For Every Creature Destroyed By A Vampire Archetype this card gain 1 Awakening Counter
You may Remove 3 counters to Special Summon "Blood King" from your Extra Deck
Grants all Vampires on your side of the field Lifesteal
(Lifesteal - When battling while in Attack Postion you gain LifePoints equal to 1/4 of current ATK

I do not know if my current code for "Blood King" works because I cannot get the remove counter/Special summon code to work. All I would like help with is to get removing/summoning part working. Sorry if I am way off with my code this is my 2nd try at coding :D


BLOOD KING CODE if u want to test it

Thank You in advance
Yay I figured it out. 😃