In this replay, Deck Lockdown is active, and Apoqliphoth is activated.

In essence if the recent errata that happened in Astral Pack 3, less than a year ago, it is likely that this interaction wasn't thought about as Pendulums were likely not a complete thought. However, I look to G.B. Hunter (Yes, I'm all over this card right now to anti Pendulums in general) and her rulings while her effect simply states both the Main Deck and Extra Deck as the "Deck." In this case, Deck Lockdown says "their Deck" which would only add that you can't add (except via draw) from your own, personal deck(s). Apoqliphoth adds card to your hand from your Extra Deck. Given connections (which they mean nothing often) Apoq should not work under DLD.

I don't know if there's a ruling on this, and would be great if someone could make that happen.

(If that errata didn't happen, this wouldn't even have to be asked.)

EDIT: Happens on turn 7.
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