Everyone can test it out and see how it is and let me know what are the weaknesses and strengths.[:laugh:]
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Zephyros the Elite's effect can be only used once per duel, and you need it in the graveyard, not in the hand/deck. Put it at 1.

If you want to run Black Sonic, put out the Mirror Force.. Black Sonic it's a good card but only in some situations. Dimensional Prison is more versatile, I'dd run 2 Dimensional Prison, no Mirrors or Black Sonics.

Soul Charge is OP, you should run it at 2 and put out the Call of the Haunteds. You should have 4 spaces left now if you put out the two mirrors and sonics for 2 dimensional prisons, I'd add 3 Pot of Duality and 1 Book of Moon.

For the Extra, put out the Frozen Fitzgerald, you cannot reach its summon requirements since you need a Beast-type monster. Drop that Gram the Shining Star, it's bad and you cannot summon him with Vayu's effect. Add 1 Yazi and 1 Vulcan or HTS Psyhemuth.

^I agree with above, Zephyros at 1. I actually love Black Sonic because it's like a mirror force and dimensional prison in one. It's an amazing card. Blackwings have the best traps and you can even activate from hand sometimes! Speaking of, you're missing Delta Crow, which is a pretty awesome and practical s/t clearer. The rest of us are forced to use Malevolent Catastrophe, but only blackwings can use this. You should at least have 1 in the deck.

Agree with the soul charge, but I run only 1. More level 7 synchros including Yazi definitely in extra since it can't be targeted by effects. You also should add dark armed dragon. Probably take out an oroshi for that.
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