Can you help me to build a deck like that because i play against a player use only a annoying deck based on SADM
i built a deck but i think its no enough good
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mooyan curry
You shouldn't need to build a deck around defeating 1 monster.

Try baiting out SD/AM's effect with various effects, then make Abyss Dweller or Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk and use its effect before that turn's end phase, if your deck can Xyz Rank 4's.

Also if you're going first, trap negation cards like Wiretap, Seven Tools of the Bandit or even Dark Bribe work beautifully against Assault Mode Activate.

If all else fails, try main decking some D.D. Crows, or summon a 3000+ ATK beatstick and crash into it.
Dude, just use a DD crow. Also, you could simply just use trap negation such as seven tools to take out assault mode activate or trap stun. They can only have 3 Assault Mode Activate in the whole deck. Once that's gone, it's done. I have a pretty good SDAM deck. I don't know what your friend uses as an engine for synchro summoning, but you can use discord to stop that as well along with any anti-special summoning.
Lava Golem and Volcanic Queen will annoy your opponent.
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i already killed assault deck with sylvans, but everything has to be well coordinated. the general idea and how i won is "reactivity". stardust assault can't control everything and not for too long. sure it can stop many decks [:wink:] but not the newer decks where they have A LOT at their disposal and don't rely on a particular ace cards to get things going for next to no effort or cost in resources.

completely forgot i had this replay