Acer von Ziggurat
Hello! This is my first post, so I apologize if I'm dredging up old debates. I've been playing the game for a bit, and there's a few anime-only cards I can't quite get to work. I'll list them below.

Uria, Lord of Searing Flames (Anime). Its major difference from its RL counterpart is that rather nifty revival effect, but I can't get it to trigger at all. From other games, I'd assume to check the Graveyard, but instead nothing happens. I have Trap cards in my hand, it was destroyed by battle, and it's my Main Phase, so I'm fulfilling the requirements just fine. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

Dark Summoning Beast was discovered in the same Duel. I think this one's a longstanding problem, but it's still a right pain when I Tribute Summon a 0-ATK Monster and then find out it can't do anything, especially given that it makes Chaos Core useless too. Does it not make the Nomi exception, or something? That strikes me as off, given that DSB was most definitely shown ignoring Summoning conditions both in the show and games.

Also, this isn't a card error, but for some reason my Draw Phase doesn't work on the first turn. I've seen videos of people drawing on the first turn in this game, so this is either a problem with my version or I'm missing something (and the AI duelists seem to have the same problem, so I doubt it's the latter). I dunno. What's happening here? [EDIT: Apparently this is a new ruling. Huh.]