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Okay guys, I originally wanted to do a Cardfight Vanguard role play but the only way to play that online is tradecardsonline (barring byond, which is...irritating to get working, which is possible even though the public servers were taken down) so instead I figured a yugioh role play would work better. Those interested please PM me, for those who don't know what a play by post role play is, here:

Essentially, you get together to write a story after making your own characters. I'm thinking about making something to do with the millennium items in the plot cause, let's face it, I'm a sap for the original plot.

Anyway, this could work with really any TCG and I'm working on side boards to role play for MTG and eventually Vanguard.

So, right now, I need a few things to get the site up and running, PM me for any of these:

1: A co-admin

2: someone who knows all the ins and outs of the metagame so we can make a custom banlist to keep things fun

3: Mods

4: And players of course!!!!
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