Hiii C:
So, I'm kinda new here. I haven't played Yu-gi-oh for a long time, and I started again some weeks ago. I tried to make a BEWD deck list, but actually it's quite bad :<
Can you please help me, or give me some advice? Thaaanks C:
Also, sorry for my bad English.

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My Blue-Eyes deck isn't that great as well, but I can give you some ideas.

1) you can run Lightray monsters, because your deck is mostly LIGHT.

2) Malefic Blue-Eyes combined with a Field Spell and D.D.R. can give you instant Rank 8 XYZ.

3) Beckoning Light can help you recycle Honest or Maiden.
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melody of awakening dragon helps too
Woah, Beckoning Light and Melody of Awakening Dragon are pretty good!
I'll consider using them.