Hi guys. I am new on YGOpro. I stopped play ygo since Egyptian God Cards. I think about 8-10 years ago. I decided to start it again and spend a few of my free time. I like the old style of the game and I am not sure if I understand well the new concept of cards like xyz, sychro etc, so I decide to create an exodia deck since it was a trend back in my days.

I read a lot here in forum and in other sites as well and I tried to make a combination of all of them. Please give me your feedback

5x part of exodia
3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
3x Destiny Hero - Plasma
2x Royal Magical Library
2x Spirit Reaper (just to be sure that I will not have any direct attacks)
2x The white stone of Legend
3x Cardcar D

Spell Cards
1x One day of peace
3x Trade-In
2x Cards of Consonance
2x Destiny Draw
3x Upstart Goblin
2x Dark World Dealings
2x Magical Mallet
3x Pot of Duality
2x Hand Destruction
1x Magical Citadel of Endymion

Total cards: 41

To be honest, when I played ygo back in my days, we used to play for at least 10-15 minutes per duel. Now it's much faster. I have seen players summoning two level 8 monsters in the first turn. Insane for what I was used to. So, I want to create something to collect all the parts as much fast I can. Any suggestion?
1. dont mix two strategy (i mean you should go with blue-eyes and bamboo sword (destiny hero is not a good choice) OR magic library)

2. any face-up non quick stall card are easy to destroy nowaday (castel the avian skyblaster is kinda staple in any deck that can xyz level 4 and he can return a face-up card back to the deck) so, dont use Spirit Reaper (if you're gonna stall, use activated from hand like swift scarecrow, kuriphoton or battle fader and/or trap like waboku, thunder of ruler and treatening roar)

so, what i think is the problem in your deck is:

3x Destiny Hero - Plasma
2x Royal Magical Library
2x Spirit Reaper
2x The white stone of Legend (you should go max OR non and no blue-eyes)
3x Cardcar D (its either this OR library)

Total cards: 41 (should be 40)


library exodia
-3 Blue Eyes White Dragon
-3 Destiny Hero - Plasma
+1 Royal Magical Library
+2 summoner monk (to summon library)
-2 Spirit Reaper
-2 The white stone of Legend
-3 Cardcar D
-2 Cards of Consonance
-2 Dark World Dealings
+1 Magical Mallet
-3 Pot of Duality (you can't ss the turn you use it, so zero copy if you gonna play with library)
+1 Hand Destruction
-3 Trade-In

and i suggest to add:

+2~3 ghastly bamboo sword (search other bamboo sword when discarded and can return other sword to hand once)
+1 broken bamboo sword
+3 golden bamboo sword (one of the best draw engine for exodia)
+0~1 endymion, the master magician (6 leftover counter for any spell card, can use more than once per turn and can use from grave = free to discard)
+1 monster slot (free draw when you have a level 4 in both grave and field)
+3 into the void (free draw, don't worry about discard. its usually you can draw all in one turn or die if you play library exodia)
+3 toon table content
+1 toon world (thin deck)
+0~1 wonder wand (use with summoner monk or endymion monster for 2 draw)

now its 35 or 37, the last 3~5 cards are what you can choose from the following

+1 ghastly bamboo sword
+1 endymion (field)
+1 terraforming
+1 reload
+1 monster slots
+1 dark world dealing
+2 spell power grasp (thin deck, but kinda dead draw)
+3 thunder dragon (thin deck, but kinda dead draw. especially when you get 2 copies at once)
+1 dark factory of mass production (recycle exodia limb, for more flexible discard)

another suggestion, learn how to play xyz, synchro and pendulum. the brief explanation is:

xyz: you use two (or more) same level (called xyz material) to special summon 1 monster (xyz summon) from extra deck (xyz monster) and usually xyz monster can use its effect by detatch its material to graveyard (similar to fusion without using poly card in a way) **xyz monster dont have a level but have "rank" instead

synchro: you send a tuner monster and one or more other monster from field to graveyard then special summon 1 synchro monster from extra deck whos total level equal to sum of both tuner and non-tuner (similar to ritual in a way)

pendulum: you can special summon any monster(s) that have a level between two pendulum scale from your hand or pendulum's grave ONCE every turn
- pendulum scale: you need to use 2 pendulum monsters as continuous spell first and place both in pendulum zone (both left zone and right zone) before you can use pendulum summon. then you can summon any monster once from hand and/or pendulum's grave whos level between two scale (i.e. if one of scale is 4 and another scale is 8 you can summon any monster(s) that have level 5~7) you can summon up to 5 monster at once but only once per turn
- pendulum's grave: when pendulum monster destroyed from field to the graveyard, it will not go to the graveyard but go to the top of extra deck instead
- pendulum monster: have 3 additional parameter: pendulum scale, pendulum effect (you can use this effect only when you place it as a continuous spell on pendulum zone) and monster effect (can use when you summon it as a monster)

i think a good way to learn these is play against ai (use any deck with monster against it to learn, dont use exodia or any other non-monster deck) try lightsworn (main strategy is send lightsworn monster to the grave then summon big boss) or shaddoll (mainly fusion) is a good start to the meta if you dont wanna use any new kind of extra deck monster yet.

also, edit the following AI deck name to prevent ai using it (you rarely learn anything from these decks): AI_exodialib, AI_Kaiba, AI_pegasus, AI_yugi to _AI_exodialib, _AI_Kaiba, _AI_pegasus, _AI_yugi
Wow. That's a really detailed answer. What can I say? Thank you a lot.
it's a great deck (tested) but you could use the basic magic library magical city of endymion exodia and major draw power from things such as cup of ace and golden bamboo sword
below would be how mine works you normally got to go first get library if not attempt to get it normally it's an FTK but most people quit whenever they see an exodia deck
exodia deck
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