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I'm interested in making a real Mac OS X port instead of using Wine(skin). That, and perhaps an iOS port for the iPad (either jailbroken or self-signed installs).

As far as I can tell Percy's mods to YGOPro are not open sourced. I'd like to know how big are the changes between Fluorohydride's stock and Percy's mod, if they are mostly concerning translation and I should at least try to port FH's code or if there's something more substancial. At any rate I can't read Chinese at all 😕
There are more changes than just translations but I would still recommend trying to port FH's version first. The code is cleaner and relies on less libraries. Also, you don't need to know chinese to compile the code.

To compile you will need to have these libraries:

  • irrlicht 1.7
  • freetype
  • sqlite3
  • lua 5.2
  • libevent

Having CodeBlocks will speed the process along with premake4.