i have an iphone and im sad that theres no ygopro for the iOS, but there is for the andriod. i understand that its harder to get an app through the app store, but my iphone is jailbroken so i can do more than the average phone. so is there a way to get ygopro on a jailbroken iphone? if not then is there an ETA for a ygopro for the iphone?
I would think YGOPro isn't in IPhones yet is because iphones have a smaller screen comparing to computers and androids but I woulden't know if percy plans to make it.
Michael Lawrence Dee
I know this has been opened before. The main reason why Percy hasn't made YGoPro for iOS since it's way more complicated to make than android. And everything in iTunes are licensed. Unless Jailbreaked? Like the one used in PPSSPP iOS version?
Now this is how I play:
Would this game get licensed for the App Store? I'm unsure. They pulled it off for the Google Play store, which is surprising considering this is a Konami owned game and all. A jailbroken version of the phone would be required to play an unlicensed version. PPSSPP doesn't work on non-jailbroken iPhones. I still have it on my latest iOS iPhone 5S but it doesn't activate.
I don't see why it would be a problem to release a iOS version via cyndia. It would open your fanbase even more. Also most of everyone I know that owns an iphone, 9/10 times it's jailbroken. Just something to really consider. Also I'm sure there a few programmers that are fans of your work that wouldn't mind helping expand your scene to ios platform.
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