I'm kind of new to this system since most of it is automated. Although this is great, I feel like it skimps out on some effects of monsters.

When I used my Six Samurai deck, The Six Samurai - Zanji, has the ability to destroy the monster it attacks no matter if Zanji was the stronger or weaker one (except those that can't be destroyed by card effects). I had another six samurai on the field so the effect was valid yet the system only recognized the second effect which was to destroy another six sam if it were to be destroyed.

I know I found another one but can't quite remember at the moment. I'll update this as needed.
Can you please post a replay of the "bug" so we can check please.

To make and post a replay:
At the end of a duel it ask you to save the replay give it a name like Six Sam bug or something so you know what it is.

Then make a post on the forums saying this what it is and above where it says: Preview Post Cancel
There are two options one is Attach files to this post?

Click that option and then click post it will then change to a different screen and ask what to attach, find your file and stick it in and it should attach to the post you make.
This is a tricky one that is often misunderstood - Six samurai zanji's effect resolves at the end of the damage step, while it's effect to save it self by destroying another six samurai resolves at damage calculations and the "scapegoat" monster is sent to the grave before zanji can destroy the monster he attacked, and now since you don't control another six samurai monster he can't activate it's effect.

so as a rule if you control only 2 six samurai with different names and zanji is one of them, don't activate zanji to prevent it from getting destroyed if you want to get it's effect.
Blaster, Elemental Dragon of Calderas is unable to attack whenever i summon him with his own effect. I'm kinda butt-hurt because of multiple OTKs i have been unable to pull off due to this error.
Kaiotoh1 Please stop posting in random threads about this.

Make your own post and we can sort this issue out. Just post a replay for us as well. Look at my above post for instructions.