Poll Question : Do you want AI vs AI mode?
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Rescue Cat
Will it ever be AI vs AI mode? Because chess has it already. [:thumbu:]
I used to do this actually in one of the old Yugioh GBA games. It was fun to watch.
I vote for this to happen, it would rock.
I second this. YGOPro designers, please make this AI vs AI feature in a future YGOPro update. It will provide good insight into decks and deck building and not just be for entertainment.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Add a poll guys, I'll support it.
Now this is how I play:
I doubt, this will be implemented soon. The AI currently is not designed with multiple AI players in mind (not even Tag, which is a shame), and it might be hard to realize this without breaking backwards compatibility. I do not consider AI vs AI an important or highly desireable feature either, it doesn't grant a lot of insight even as a debugging tool, and I cannot imagine it being very entertaining after you have seen it a couple of times. Well, this might be personal preference, maybe there are people, who would watch the AI duke it out for hours 😃.

Anyway, I would like to see support for AI Tag duels way before this, a Co-op vs AI mode would be really handy, in my opinion. I don't see the developers of YGOPro put a lot of work into realizing an AI vs AI mode (I cannot do anything about that, since that functionality would be more or less independent of the actual AI script), but if the devs implement Tag AI functionality at some point, they might just throw in AI vs AI as well, I don't imagine that being much of a problem, once support for multiple AI players has been established.

Hope it release soon
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