Hello everyone. I am currently making a card game based on the DC comics universe. The game has pretty awesome mechanics that bring great gameplay and strategy to the hands of players.
I am looking for someone that can code, who is willing to help out with some basic barebones to get the game running.
The barebones game is in order to test it out. It will only need the basic things like:
Drawing, shuffling
putting counters on cards and on the field
attack line, or animation ( which i can create)
Just the barebones in order to play, leaving the mechanics to the user, as if we were playing in real life. Automated things will come in the future.

I will take care of the Cards ( over 100 made already) Rules ( Almost all rules are set, want it running to test and see what
tweaks need to be made), the playing matt ( already have a barebone prototype, and any Graphics for the game. I just need a barebone system with the basics.

This is for someone who
a. wants to help
b. loves the DC comics universe
c. loves card games of course.

I am playing attention to every little detail and everything will be tested to ensure it is balanced, strategic, and gives the players a lot of choices.

When everything gets going, which i am trying to do as fast as possible, i want to give players a taste of the game, cards, etc. But for now i can't until things are put together.

But trust me, once its out there, it will be awesome.