so i saved some replays and stuff but i don't know how to find the files. like if i go into my ygopro folder and look in the replay file there is nothing there. but when i use the ygo application all my replays are there and i have no issues watching the replays. if i search yrp on my computer there is no files with that extension anywhere. if i search what i named the replays i don't find them. if i look in the decks file all that's there are the decks that are there by default. the ai ones. none of the ones i made. i would like to be able to share these files but idk how to find them.

also i tried to put all the files for the new BA cards that someone made into the right locations. i decompressed it and they all look like the right type of files. the script ones i put in the scripts folder, the pictures i put in the pictures folder, the expansions one i put in expansions. but when i search them on ygo pro i can't find them.

its like what i do on ygopro doesn't get added into the folders and what i do to the folders doesn't affect what i see on ygopro. but i thought it was supposed to.
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