Hello, I am new here. I just think it would amazing to make an AI vs AI duel mode, so people can compete on creating the best of AIs. I am familiar with the Object-oriented programming I learned in college. I don't know if there's current works to include this feature to the program.

This has been asked before, like here  and [url=]there[/url]. The tl;dr version would be yes, it would be interesting, but probably not worth the effort, as it would require extensive changes to the core program and the AI script. Also, most people probably wouldn't ever use it, or maybe try it once or twice, until it loses its entertainment value.
Well, I am sure players will like AI CO-OP mode, in which 2 players vs 2 AI, that will be interesting. Then ygopro online will not only be just PVP.
I also have some knowledge in programming, but now that we do not have the AI code, that is really tough.
I am all up for co-op, I would see that as way more useful than AI vs AI. If the devs would add that functionality, I would be more than happy to adjust the AI script to make that happen. Also, at that point, AI vs AI might not be much of a strech, either, once support for multiple AI players has been established.

Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that on my end for now :/
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