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Hello everyone [:smile:] ,

I made to this post for 2 reasons :

1 - To say thank you for the huge improvements about the Al mode:

After i came back to the dueling world again, i did tryed to get familliar with the new Archetypes by dueling Al, and yes i lost quite some duels, 1st i tought it was the new cards that is broken (wich actualy is broken) that was the reason of why i lost so many duels, but it was later that i realised that the Al mode was really amazingly improved in so many aspects, and with todays quitters [:angry:] you can prety much get a decent duel vs Al than in US or EU servers [:thumbu:] .
In addition there is a large choice of Al-Decks, wich make the feature duel vs [Random Deck] truly awesome and unexpected, especialy when the Al use the curents Decks so well, that is noticably a decent effort that need to be praised, good job for the developers ! [:love:]

2 - To open a discussion about what did u guys think about the new Al (i keep calling it new, but belive me when Al 1st started, it was kinda hilarious xD). you can also share your experienced vs Al.

Recently i had this duel match vs Al when it was playing Noble knights, lost 1st round ( that stupid Volcasaurus stole that round from me [:cry:] ), won the 2nd round and at the last 3rd round i miiled so much cards (LW Deck) that i was going to lose by cards out, BUT! at the last single card, Literaly the last one !! i draw the 3rd Lumina with 2 other cards on my hand, Summoned Lumina > Combo summon Synchro Lv 9 Mist wurm and dang XD 3rd round winner !!! I wish we could save our duel vs Al mode, since it really became so much better than it used to be.

I guess that's all i wanted to say [:laugh:]

Thanks for the feedback. I like to think, that the AI indeed has improved quite a lot. Glad to hear, that your experience has been positive.

This is however probably not the right place to discuss this, there is an AI section  for discussion and feedback about the AI.
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Sorry for posting in the wrong section [:cry:] i don't post or browse much so couldn't tell where to make a thread [:blush:] .

I will make sure to post in the right section in the future [:laugh:]
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