i noticed a problem with Jet warrior:
he says "you can use each effect of Jet Warrior once per turn" but i can only use one effect per turn and only once that turn <_<

this is because the set count limit in each effect use the card code, this could be ok for a first look because it says the card name but in this way i preclude the use of each effect in one turn, a problem that is not easy to solve <_< but it should be solved because this is not the only card with this mistake.

I suggest to the scripters to add another parameter in the "set count limit", i know that is not easy and it can require time, but is just a suggestion.
Works fine for me.

Please supply a replay and state at which turn you could not use both effects in one turn.
can you please post me the script?
i have edited it deleting the code in the "set count limit" to bypass the error so i cannot try again <_< (anyway i am sure that it does not work <_<, i am also tring after re-writing it in the script but it does not work <_<)
Here you go.
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ok maybe was because i was trying with level eater <_< (but also didn't work with jet synchron O.o) i really don't know <_< it seems to work now <_< thanks.