Poll Question : Would you like to see a Traditional List and have some anime cards banned?
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Please read before you vote!

Alright, so this has been discussed on and off, but nothing ever got done about it. I'm hoping we can make this happen. Here is what I want added into the game:

1. Certain anime cards banned and limited
2. A Traditional Format List (for both TCG/OCG, and Anime)
3. Rename N/A to Unlimited

(in case you didn't know, Traditional Format is a real Konami format! )

Now before anyone complains that a forbidden anime card list would be unofficial, hear me out. While it would indeed be a custom ban list for many anime cards, it would mostly just be for common sense bans (like Chaos End Ruler). And if you still want to use these banned cards, you still can!!

Want to use banned anime cards without limit?
Answer: Select Forbidden List: Unlimited, and select Allowed Cards: Anime

Want to use banned anime cards, but have them limited to 1 each?
Answer: Select Forbidden List: Traditional, and select Allowed Cards: Anime

Want to use normal banned cards limited to 1, without anime cards?
Answer: Select Forbidden List: Traditional, and select Allowed Cards: OCG, TCG, or OCG/TCG

Want to use banned cards without limit, but no anime cards?
Answer: Select Forbidden List: Unlimited, and select Allowed Cards: OCG, TCG, or OCG/TCG

These small additions to the game would make the game much better. Here is why:

You'll be safe from duelists who abuse x3 Pot of Greed, x3 Card of Sanctity, 5-card Exodia decks, etc! Most people who want to use banned cards are forced to use N/A or Don't Check Deck. Those options allow all cards but again opens the door to unfair duelists and overpowered cards in unlimited quantities. With a Traditional list, you will no longer have to fear x3 Chaos End Ruler, or a deck with 20 of the same card! [:thumbu:]

Take someone like me [:laugh:] I love anime cards! I also love old forbidden cards like Yata Garasu. However, I really really dislike it when someone uses more than 1 copy. Basically, I like Traditional format. Everyone can use 1 of each banned card if they like. This would also allow me to use banned anime cards, up to 1 each. I find this very fair. No more worrying about someone joining my duel doing some x3 Multiply shenanigans.

TL;DR? If you ban anime cards and also create a Traditional List, you will still be able to duel whichever way you like! In no way will you be left unable to use your favorite cards.

Another thing~ a few individuals contemplate 'nerfing' anime cards simply because they are overpowered. They fear if they don't, then they will run into these overpowered anime cards in every anime duel. But with banned anime cards, they won't have to fear them any longer. And because of this, no reason to nerf: because they will just be banned!


(I'll update this with more suggestions, if they are good to include: updated 12/16/14)

Monster Cards
Abyss Boat Watchman Overpowered. Can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard and prevent most attacks.
Chaos End Ruler - Ruler of the Beginning and the End Overpowered. Can win the duel after your opponent's 4th turn. Easy to summon, high ATK and DEF, summon cannot be negated, and outrageous banish effect + burn damage.
Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca Overpowered. If you skip your Battle Phase, you reduce your opponent's Life Points to 1.
Obelisk the Tormentor (anime) Overpowered. Can OTK with its effect to destroy all monsters and then gain infinite ATK, and can then attack for game.
Rose Shaman Generic Draw power.
The Winged Dragon of Ra (anime) Overpowered. Can easily OTK is special summoned, attacking everything. Usually high ATK. Immune from pretty much all threats.
Spell Cards
After Glow OTK. A deck can easily be built around this.
Anti-Magic Arrows Overpowered. Destroys all of your opponent's face-down cards, and you cannot respond or negate the card.
Blasting Vein Generic Draw power. Easy to activate.
Beckon to Darkness Overpowered. Sends a monster to the grave, bypassing a lot of protection since it doesn't destroy.
Card Exchange Overpowered. Set all but 1 card, steal opponent's entire hand.
Card of Burial Magic Generic Draw. Spell Cards are generally useless in the Graveyard anyway.
Card of Compensation Generic Draw. Discard works with this card.
Card of Demise Generic Draw power. Potential +4.
Card of Desperation Generic Draw power. Also overpowered, can be used to fill up entire Graveyard, of Lightsworn, chaos, etc.
Card of Safe Return (anime) Overpowered. Draw 3 cards every time a monster(s) is Special Summoned from either player's Graveyard.
Card of Sanctity (anime) Generic Draw power. Potential +5.
Card of Spell Containment Generic Draw power.
Card of Variation Generic Draw power.
Chameleon Colors Overpowered. Allowing basically any monster to attack.
Dark Wall of Wind Stall. There are already enough stall cards in the real game.
Deepest Impact OTK. Dark Hole + halve Life Points of both players.
Destiny Activator (when it's unnerfed) Overpowered. See your opponent's draws and halve their Life Points.
Drawber Overpowered. Return all of your opponents cards in their hand and on their field to their deck.
Giant Flood Overpowered. Send all monsters on the field and in both players hands to the Graveyard. Sends, doesn't destroy.
Golden Castle of Stromberg (when it's unnerfed) Overpowered. Cannot be destroyed, mill half of your opponent's deck every Standby Phase, special summon free monsters, destroy their attacking monsters + burn damage.
Heaven's Lost Prophecy Generic Draw. A Graceful Charity for both players.
Illusion Gate Overpowered. Destroy opponent's field, special summon any monster from their Graveyard, ignoring the special summon conditions.
Magic Removal Virus Cannon Overpowered. Sends all your opponent's Spell Cards from their hand and Deck to the Graveyard.
Magician's Archive Overpowered. Search for any Spell in your deck, just like that.
Magical Mallet (anime) Overpowered. Can be reused, is a +0, and turns every deck into a 39 card deck.
Mimicat Overpowered. Copies any card on your opponent's field or in their Graveyard, ignoring any restrictions. Can do pretty much anything, like copy Quasar, Judgment Dragon, Raigeki.
Mischief of the Time Goddess OTK. Skips your opponents turn. Attack again, Summon again, flip up Set monsters or Trap Cards, etc.
Monster Recovery Generic Draw. Potential +4.
Monster Replace Overpowered. Can switch any card on the field with the highest ATK monster in your hand. Isn't considered a Summon at all, so easily summons God Cards, Dark Armed Dragon, Horakhty.
Multiply (anime) OTK. Can easily end the duel abusing 0-ATK level 10 monsters, and summoning rank 10 Xyzs. Requires 2 cards to pull off OTK.
Negative Energy (when it's unnerfed) Overpowered. Doubles all your DARK monsters ATK permanently.
Negative Energy Generator (when it's returned to the game) Overpowered. Triple the ATK of a DARK monster you control, permanently.
Nibelung's Treasure Generic Draw. Potential +4. Sure, you require Nibelung's Ring, but this clogs up the opponent's back row and potentially puts them in a lock, unable to get monsters.
Path to Destiny Overpowered. Allows anything to attack directly.
Philosopher's Stone - Sabatiel (anime) Overpowered. Fetches any card from your Deck or Graveyard at the cost of half of your Life Points. Can be used 3 times. Using a 4th time multiples your monster's ATK.
Riryoku (anime) Overpowered. Halve your opponent's Life Points, and give that amount to increase one of your monster's ATK. OTK possibilities as well.
Roll of Fate Generic Draw. Potential +5. Both draws and mills number rolled. Milling helps out decks like Lightsworn or Shaddolls.
Soul Charge (anime) Overpowered. 500 Life Point cost per summon instead of 1000, and can still perform Battle Phase (just not with the monsters summoned).
Soul Exchange (anime) Overpowered. Tribute up to 3 of the opponents monsters for anything with no restrictions on entering your Battle Phase.
Spell Sanctuary Overpowered. Both players search for any spell, and all Spell Cards can be played as Quick-Play Spell Cards. Sets up OTK possibilities.
Spellbook Inside the Pot Generic Draw. +2 for you and +3 for your opponent.
Sphere Field Overpowered. Easily summon a game-ending Numeron Xyz monster like Numerronius Numerronia for no cost.
Surprise Attack from Beyond OTK. Can summon a monster from either your Graveyard or Banished Zone. Also deals burn damage equal to the monster's ATK. Can be abused by Magician of Faith, etc.
Time Fusion Overpowered. Summon any Fusion monster in the game, ignoring summoning conditions. Easy lockdown if you pick something like Naturia Exterio.
Turn Jump (when it's unbugged) OTK. Effect similar to Mischief of the Time Goddess, and also helps out Final Countdown or hinders cards like Swords of Revealing Light.
Underworld Circle (anime) (when it's returned to the game) Overpowered. Destroys all monsters on the field and removes all monsters from play in both player's hand and Deck. Special summons any monster from the Graveyard, ignoring the summoning conditions.
White Night Fort Overpowered. Makes most players Trap Cards useless, as they require the opponent to attack or have their turn.
Winning Formula Overpowered. Summons Xyz monsters like Big Eye or Numerronius Numerronia.
Wonder Cloud Overpowered. I'm sure some crazy OTK can be made with this, like Cemetery Bomb, or Lightsworn deck, etc.
Trap Cards
Crush Card Virus (anime) Overpowered. Destroys all monsters with 1500 or more ATK in the opponent's hand, field, and Deck. Those monster cannot be Special Summoned while this card remains in the Graveyard.
Deck Destruction Virus Overpowered. Send 10 random cards from your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.
Domain of the Dark Ruler Overpowered. A costless Imperial Order that also shuts down all Trap Cards, and has no option to destroy. Shuts down many decks and difficult to counter.
Evil 1 (when it's unnerfed) Overpowered. Can do lots of damage to your opponent.
Final Attack Orders (anime) OTK. Ends the game quickly, can easily OTK your opponent or force them to Deck out.
Forceful Deal Overpowered. Gain all of your opponents monsters on the field.
Graverobber (anime) Overpowered. Similar to Mimicat, summons or activates any card in your opponent's Graveyard, ignoring any restrictions.
Insightful Cards of Reversal Generic Draw. Draw cards equal to your opponent's hand size, so the potential can be in the dozens.
Mind Control (anime) Overpowered. Stronger version of a Limited card, with fewer restrictions.
Mirror of Duality (when it's unnerfed) OTK. Does good burn damage to opponent.
Power Balance Generic Draw. Forces opponent to discard half of their hand, you draw an amount of cards equal to what they discarded.
Rebirth Tablet Overpowered. Special Summon any monster from your Graveyard.
Scrap-Iron Barricade Overpowered. Can keep your monster from being destroyed.
Take One Chance Overpowered. Similar to Mimicat but on your own cards.

Monster Cards
Clone Dragon
Level Jar
Michion, the Timelord
Odin, Father of the Aesir (anime)
Loki, Lord of the Aesir (anime)
Slifer the Sky Dragon (anime)
The Wicked Avatar (anime)
The Wicked Dreadroot (anime)
The Wicked Eraser (anime)
Thor, Lord of the Aesir (anime)
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames (anime)
Spell Cards
Call of the Haunted (anime)
Depth Eruption
Living Fossil
Magical Alms
Numeron Direct
Soul-Binding Gate
Trap Cards
Cursed Prison
Freezing Dance
Jurassic Impact
Life Force
Life Shaver
Scrap-Iron Pitfall

Please add any additional ones you feel should be banned or limited. We just want to get the overpowered and broken ones out of the way. I could increase this list a TON and say ban cards like Drawber, but those are more open to discussion. It's easy for me to say "yeah, that card's too powerful, ban it", but much harder to say "well, it's fine at 2 copies but not 3!".

+ More dueling options
+ Avoid overpowered cards in unreasonable quantities
+ Play with banned cards, but keeping them limited
+ Any combination: banned with no anime, banned with anime, anime with no banned, no anime at all, unlimited, etc

- It's unofficial (but hey if Duel Monsters Genesis can come together and make a massive agreed-upon list why can't we?)

Thanks! [:smile:] [:smile:] [:smile:]

Remember!!: Even if these cards get banned, you'd still be able to use them! Be it in Unlimited, Don't Check Deck, or Traditional! [:lol:]
I agree with this. My banlist is a little different. I based it upon Konami's logical decisions to ban cards in the current ban list. I've also made a .conf file already. Whether percy decides to include an unofficial anime banlist is up to him. I think though that if people use the same list, we can still duel each other though via local community.



Anti-Magic Arrows
After Glow
Call of the Haunted
Card of Burial Magic
Card of Sanctity
Card of Demise
Card of Variation
Chaos End Ruler - Ruler of the Beginning
Domain of the Dark Ruler
Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca
Final Attack Orders
Forceful Deal
Golden Castle of Stromberg
Heaven's Lost Property
Illusion Gate
Magic Removal Virus Cannon
Magician's Archive
Mind Control
Mischief of the Time Goddess
Monster Recovery
Nibelung's Treasure
Philosopher's Stone - Sabatiel
Roll of Fate
Spell Sanctuary
Spellbook Inside the Pot
Sphere Field
Turn Jump
Underworld Circle
Virus Cannon
Winning Formula


Dark Wall of Wind
Darkness Outsider
Life Force
Negative Energy Generator
Obelisk the Tormentor
Odin, Father of the Aesir
Slifer the Sky Dragon
The Winged Dragon of Ra
The Wicked Dreadroot
The Wicked Avatar
The Wicked Eraser
Time Fusion


Ygopro 1.033.2V3 released and many anime cards' script should be rewrited or they won't work.
I think that is a blow. And ygopro download now do not provide anime cards directly.
What? You mean some anime cards are bugged?
Off topic but yea I heard some were, wait for fixes or specifically request them
And yea, the Anime Expansion Download shouldve been inclued in the update.
Justin, I hope you know that Percy totally ignores Topics with his Name in it... Just saying...
My Youtube Channel Red-Eyes Jacollo  (new video every week)
Thanks! I changed it.
Was just trying to make sure this thread got looked at. It's very important.
mooyan curry
I voted yes.

Sure a Traditional Anime banlist wouldn't be endorsed by Konami, but then neither are the Anime-only cards themselves.

So such a banlist would be an excellent idea, and make Anime duels enjoyable for a change, as opposed to getting that sinking feeling when certain anime cards are played.

Also I agree with both lists here. Maybe add Berserker Soul to banned as well?
That's a good point. I don't see why we can't come to an agreement on ban list for anime cards. As much as I never want anime cards nerfed, there should be some way to regulate them. You will always come across many of the same anime cards without doing so.

And as I said before, you can still ignore the ban list by playing Unlimited or Traditional, or Don't Check Deck
Agreed. The traditional format should at the very least be included. And like you said, if you still want to use forbidden anime cards you can duel in unlimited or traditional!!
Forbidden and Limited list has been updated, thanks AntiMeta
Michael Lawrence Dee
I would suggest Call of the Haunted (Anime) to limited. It's 1 time use card unlike Multiply (Anime) and once all your sp summoned monsters are gone, Call of the haunted would still be there and it's continuous! And once it's removed from the field, any remaining zombie-type monsters you control would be destroyed.
Now this is how I play:
You make a good point, thanks. I never really used Call of the Haunted anime, wasn't sure if it kept reborning any destroyed monster endlessly.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Originally Posted by: YamiJustin 

You make a good point, thanks. I never really used Call of the Haunted anime, wasn't sure if it kept reborning any destroyed monster endlessly.

Cursed Prison at limited. - Tag Force reasons. It may have that capability to easily summon Shooting Quasar but Tag Force 6 also contains Shooting Quasar and Cursed Prison is also at limited.

Jurassic Impact at limited - note that you still can't summon monsters. I once used this in Timelord Decks and Inca Decks until I realized it stops me from doing almost anything for 1 turn and this is a big deal.
Now this is how I play:
Okay. What about Illusion Gate. I think its a bit busted but AntiMeta thinks a limit is fine.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Originally Posted by: YamiJustin 

Okay. What about Illusion Gate. I think its a bit busted but AntiMeta thinks a limit is fine.

Nonono.... That had always been at Forbidden! Even if it has a huge LP reduce.
Now this is how I play:
Yeah I thought so. I mean it destroys all their monsters, summons any monster ignoring conditions.

Also when these cards eventually get added I would ban them as well:

Anime cards:
Mirrror Prison, Abyss Boat Watchman, Magical Alms
Anime Alternate cards:
Crush Card Virus, Soul Exchange

And I forgot: ban anime Riryoku
Michael Lawrence Dee
Originally Posted by: YamiJustin 

Yeah I thought so. I mean it destroys all their monsters, summons any monster ignoring conditions.

Also when these cards eventually get added I would ban them as well:

Anime cards:
Mirrror Prison, Abyss Boat Watchman, Magical Alms
Anime Alternate cards:
Crush Card Virus, Soul Exchange

And I forgot: ban anime Riryoku

I may not make Magical Alms since I don't think that would be realistic. Read the effect and I'm not sure if that would be possible. It's scriptable but playable as is? That's the card you have to guess the number of spells you'll activate right?
Now this is how I play:
I have a copy of Magical Alms, I got it from the project page. It lets you guess a maximum of 60 per turn.

I can upload that card as well as the others I mentioned (Except Mirror Prison) for you.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Originally Posted by: YamiJustin 

I have a copy of Magical Alms, I got it from the project page. It lets you guess a maximum of 60 per turn.

I can upload that card as well as the others I mentioned (Except Mirror Prison) for you.

I can probably add the rest but not Magical Alms, you can always choose whether you would activate that number of cards with the correct cards and number of cards. Seriously, it's not like "Guess the drawn card or something". Sorry.
Now this is how I play:
Actually according to the wikia you take 1000 damage x the number guessed if you are incorrect, so you might be able to just tweak it. Seems much more fair and correct

https://mega.co.nz/# !FAhTwbDT!wjnfRQK4Bc17CX5WLgJSX0MXCWxlkk15F1aAr_-tS5A

That link has 10 or so cards, most of the ones I listed.
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