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Re-posting something that got lost during maintenance:


In YGOPro, if you control Harpie's Hunting Ground and you summon Elder God Noden to revive a non-vanilla Harpie Lady (Queen, Channeler, Dancer, Harpist), they trigger HHG's effect, even though their effects that treat them as "Harpie Lady" should be negated on summon immediately, so there is never a "Harpie Lady" on the field to trigger HHG, similar to how they interact with Skill Drain.

According to Pojo, Skill Drain and Noden should have the same interaction here, meaning any summoned Harpie negated by their effects should only trigger HHG, if it is a vanilla Harpie (Harpie Lady/1/2/3 or Cyber Harpie Lady), which is treated as "Harpie Lady" at all times, which cannot be negated.
This has now been fixed on the Usa/Eu servers.

To use this fix offline you will need this script.
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