Hey everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick suggestion of which I've been thinking for quite some time. I just wanted to first draw attention to the fact that I'm not knowledgeable in programming/coding, so if this feature is too complicated to pull off or just not practical, then I am sorry for suggesting it. Also, if this has been suggested before then you can close the thread immediately.

Anyhow, with that out of the way, what I was thinking that might be a nice little addition to the system is a random deck feature for players, similar to that of the AI when you are selecting decks before a match. I'm suggesting this because I imagine some people like me have a huge quantity of decks, and at certain points find themselves at a loss of which they should play.

Hoping this gets reviewed by the higher ups!

Have a nice holiday everyone. [:smile:]
This would be a great idea, and to my knowledge not too difficult to pull off. I'm only a novice really with programming so there may be something I'm missing when thinking about it though.

As a Character Deck builder and player, this sort of thing would help me out significantly.