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currently, one of my friend giving me his deck. even im ok with cyber dragon deck, his deck is really different than i always used to play with. here the card list

cyber eltanin
gearspring spirit
machina fortress
cyber laser dragon
cybernatic magician
cyber barrier dragon
cyber dragon x 2
cyber dragon zwei
cyber phoenix
tin goldfish
cyberdark keel
cyberdark horn
cyberdark edge
armoured cybren
proto-cyber dragon
cyber kirin
cardcar d
cyber larva
cyber valley
swift scarecrow

overload fusion
different dimension capsule
power bond
evolution burst
iron call
cyberdark impact
limiter removal
photon generator unit
my body as a shield
machina armoured unit
future vision
cursed armaments

raigeki break
chain disappearance
attack reflector unit
rare metalmorph
cyber shadow gardna

cyber end dragon x 2
cimeratech overdragon
cyber twin dragon
cimeratech fortress dragon

and, i dont forgot this card... i dont know what the name is it but here the picture [:tongue:]


i wish if anyone could suggest any cards i should add, mostly xyz monster and synchro monster [:thumbu:]
I dont care what deck you have and how powerful deck you have as long I still have faith in my deck, I will win~

It is an anime only card. (Fake in the real world)