Hi, i want to post this, because im working on a new version of YGO PRO Card Manager, that will include Effect Editor, and will be avaliable for crossplatforms.

This application allow you to edit and manage your cards from the database, change their picture and stats, and with new addition, change their effects.


V1.8.2 MAY 2016:

-Wyrm race support.
-Expansion cards support included.
-Effect Editor included (beta).
-Deck manager

Update Version YGOPRO 1.33.7
You can download latest update here: 

Sorce Code: 
i am waiting for youre project
This program look very interesting!![:thumbu:] Good luck for you salvadorc17 and your brother!![:wink:] Probably the most users wait to see how the effect editor really going to work!![:smile:]
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Nice idea, but it looks like Devpro's card manager somehow, do you have any newer ideas?
It is based from Devpro Card Manager code, but will add some features like expansion customization and effect editor, also will be crossplatform (windows, linux and mac)

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In "Card Text Effect" window we'll be able to change the card effects? Or it's just to show the current effects it have?
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Yes booth, for that text area, you can change card text, and for the effect editor, you can change the script for the effects. But please be patient this will take a few to be completed...
exellent idea guy, because YGOPro Card Manager here forum (Outlaws example) when you open and have open cards.cdb they just crash, so much so that there are people still commenting on it at the official topic with this problem when you press the cards.cdb crash, good luck.
This sounds absolutely magnificent! Especially the effect editor. That's a fairly neat way for those of us who either can't get scripts to work or simply aren't enough of a techie to make to make effects. Hm. That sentence could have been worded better...
Anyway, my point being I love the sound of this :D
That said, it looks like some kind of explanation/tutorial for making effects via the manager might be necessary >_<
Mmm probably on effect editor you can only simply edit and not actually change the hole effect!! For example on pot of greed the effect editor allow you only but very easy without open any script lua file to change the 2 cards you draw to 4 or more!! Though if the effect editor really simply only edit then it not actually going to take a long time for someone to make otherwise i must warning you salvadorc17 that you going to need a lot of years to make an effect editor who not only edit but actually allow someone to make a new completely different effect!! Anyway good luck!![:laugh:]
I want to aswer all your post:

@Tegardee : The problem is that outlaw card manager has not be modified to be compatible with the new cards database format, also that latest version of the cards.cdb have some missing rows, that need to be fixed.

@TheExceeder: Yes there will be a video tutorial about how to made cards using this program, just need to complete it firts and do some test...

@Tea82: The effect editor is a lua scripter, that contains all the generic calls for the YUGIOH DATA: functions, conditions, call, field zones, etc. That means you need to construct the script using those default that you cand find in Utility.lua and Constant.lua...

That means is not necessary for have it a particular function for each card effect, you will check for it...
What salvador is trying to do is to convert the outlag card manager code to a crossplatform version and add some easy editing implementation for cards scripts, but i have checked for the code and cant confirm that this effect editor will allow to complete create new cards scripts from beggining...

Will try something more late...
wow that looks really cool!!
Im having progress slow, the effect editor will be more complicated than i expected, but will at least allow for create simple cards scripts from scratch, what i was able to do is merge expansions with the card database...

How long you think it'll be until it's ready?
I want to ask you if you have any ideas for the effect editor, becuase the actual implementation of is so crude:

-Write effect type, category, property, target, operation, or filter, one by one using the wizard and after linking it use the created functions in the text area...

Mmm so salvadorc17 you need some ideas about a good effect editor which you not need a lot of time to make right??[:confu:] Well probably simply making an tool on cardmanager who simply the users can open a card script lua without need to use to download a luaedit program for example it's not gonna take to long[:wink:] though still the most users must have some lua programming skills in order to make an interesting card effect with it!![:smile:] Actually if you make this tool for the users who interesting to make a hole new effect and for users who actually simply interesting to edit a card effect you make an other tool in order to allow them change the effect card values with some buttons or something is not bad idea either[:wink:] though even if you make a tool to allow only to edit a card effect with buttons i am afraid is going to take a long very long time because there are very very many kind of different effects a card can have!![:sad:] Probably the most close and perfect effect editor is the one already make outlaw for outlaw card manager who the user simply selecting the code title the program automatically write the lua code though the user still must have lua programming skils in order to select the correct code title and the same time know what kind of card effects going to take for every code title this user select!![:sad:]
Outlaws card manager is the same devpro card manager, and i am aslo using that base code for do mine program version, that is currently a lua editor, and do more can be something really difficult...