So yeah been playing more and I have noticed a couple of things going on that I don't think work like they should. I have screens for all but two of these things so...I'll start off with what I don't have a screens for.

1) Goblin Marauding Squad/Force sometimes just doesn't work as it should. I've had it run into Dimensional Prison multiple times but sometimes...that doesn't happen and it gets an attack through. I don't know why that is.

2) Zombie World doesn't work as it should. I've had Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms be summoned using EARTH Dragon-Type monsters and I can't attack with monsters that aren't originally Zombie-Type if I use Unizombie's effect (neither of these effects imply that they have to originally Zombie-Type so I assume that these problems shouldn't be happening.)
Oh and if I am on the subject of Unizombie, I'll also mention that rarely original Zombie-Types cannot attack...this seems to happen the most with Revived King Ha Des and Unizombie itself.

Okay so with that said...now for stuff with screens I guess. As with before, it's in an album where not all screens are relevant. For the ones the ones that are, you'd take a gander at the last 2 yeah (the first of the last 3 sort of show that Tempest + Zombie World thing I brought up earlier but not very well eh...shows more of an AI problem).


So...I couldn't activate Naturia Cherries effect when it was attacked by a Gem-Knight Zirconia. Banished cards are Gem-Knights as well as the cards in the graveyard so I can tell you that no other effects were activated that turn. I have no cards in the graveyard or in hand to indicate that I would be unable to use more Cherries. I was not given a prompt asking if I would want to use Cherries effect or anything like that.
The other thing I guess I'll bring up is that Number C80: Requiem in Berserk constantly brings up a prompt on if I want to prevent the destruction of something when nothing is destroying a card and it is not being equipped to a monster. Yeah.

I would bring up various anime cards in here too but I don't know if those would like be fixed anytime soon or w/e. Like I'll mention the thing that bothers me the most for now...Darkness Outsider makes you lose 2000+(seemingly random) Life Points whenever you use it's effect. Nothing on the card text indicates that should happen.

But with all that said...there you go; what I noticed about a few random cards. Not sure if it'll help but yeah.