Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse

Card image has stats incorrectly as:
2600 Atk
2000 Def

Name is also displayed as "Super Quantum Mecha Beast Granpulse"
Spell of Pain
Incorrect Text: Activate only when an effect is activated that would inflict effect damage to you. Switch the effect damage to your opponent's Life Points, instead. 

After some testing, it seems that the actual effect is in play in YGOPro, but the rules text on the card implies incorrectly that it doesn't necessarily have to be used in response to something that your opponent is doing.
Kai Yamato
Oh my god how did I not find this thread?

Cyber Petit Angel:
Still has its anime artwork. Here  is its real artwork.

Legend of Heart:
Real life version of Legend of Heart has the anime artwork while the anime version has the real life version.

Melody of Awakening Dragons:
For some reason the small card icon in deck editor has the old black and white image.

Tri-Edge Levia & Ghost of a Grudge
Still has that camera glares.
Use these two: Tri-Edge Levia  and Ghost of a Grudge  for clearer images.

Gaia, the Polar Knight
Image has it as Dark Attribute instead of Light

ALso random question, why is there two Spellbinding Circle?
So, this one is really odd, I was in the middle of a duel and activated the effect of King of the Swamp (searches for Poly in the deck and add to the hand), and instead of bringing me poly it brought me...another Edge Imp Sabres. At first I assumed it was a bug and it was searching for Sabres instead, but then I activated the effect of my second King of the Swamp in my hand and it brought me another Edge Imp Sabres, when I already had three:


Then it got even weirder, when my opponent searched their own deck and I once again saw another Edge Imp Sabres going to their hand. There is where it clicked to me that for some reason the game was showing me random cards with the wrong art. When I selected one of my Sabres there it was "Polymerization", although it still showed the information of Edge Imp Sabres in the cursor.

I tried to see if the problem was visible in the replay, but it actually showed everything correctly there. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong for this to happen?
B-Buster Drake
Wrong imagine, it looks like Union hanger without a border. 

Sage with Eyes of Blue
Wrong imagine, it looks like Mausoleum of White without a border. 
Evigishki Soul Ogre
Picture says it is a Tuner (a Tuner Ritual monster is not a bad idea at all XD)
Both Dragodies, The Empowered Warrior's Image and In-Game Text is probably outdated, in the game, dragodies monster effect has "When....You Can" clause " while in the Wikia it has the "If...You can" clause" , the card is working properly though and cannot miss timing,_the_Empowered_Warrior 
Lunalight Crimson Fox spells out Moon-Light Crimson fox ( on the picture only)
1.Crush Star (511000624)
Correct image 

2.Sneak Giant810000009
Correct Image


3.Blue Expense Falcon (511000092)
Correct Image ():origin()/pre14/fe77/th/pre/f/2016/001/d/8/blue_expense_falcon__temporary__by_aj456-d947o0o.jpg

4.Sonic Warrior (17932494)
Correct Image 
Silent Swordsman makes my YGOPRO crash. I use MAC El Captain.
Azrael Reaper
noticed that with "testudo erat numen" and "numen erat testudo", both are named the same in the image
You guys really need to fix Atlantean Marksman. It's a level 3 not level 4.
The Legendary Fisherman
Outdated card erratum (Also outdated erratum in program internal text) 

Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight
Name on card image says "Awakened Gaia the Fierce Knight" 

Valkyrian Knight
Name on card image says "Valkyrie Knight" 
Hidden Spellbook
Name on card image says "Hidden Book of Spell" 
Sense last update, too many images cards for whatever lost there images or news ones without them. Anything from new dark magician cards, to satellarknights, to almost every u.a. card. [:laugh:] do I have to re-download images or a folder containing all card images I can add, download, or save over a maybe existing folder in the game? And the OCG cards? Nooooooo way man. Too many missing images. Really makes it hards.
Also, card image names don't match final names. But that's ok manageable.

Latest Android ver.
Galaxy S5
Gem-knight Lady Brilliant Diamond
She has an earth-attribute, not light
Where can I report on TCG / OCG card bugs?
Because the "Galaxy Queen's Light" card no longer works with the changed level of the "Galaxy Wizard"
Hi, the card, Clearwing Fast Dragon's picture is showing that of Toon Kingdom instead. Also, for Phantom Knights' Fog Blade, the picture is that of Chorus of Sanctuary instead. Lastly, the card, Fire Hand is showing the picture for Sky Iris. How do I fix it?
The card windwitch - ice Bell doesn't have image and it doesn't work in the ygopro for Android
Following Card dosen't have Card Art:

Abyss Boat Watchman [513000112]
Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon (Anime) [I can'T see his number 😞 ]
Number C65: King Overfiend [511010165]
Battle City [511004014]
Negative Energy Generator [513000020]
Chosen One (anime) [513000116]
Card Hexative [513000119]
Anti-Magic Arrow (Anime)[513000121]
Virus Cannon (Anime) [513000122]
Circle Of Life [513000117]
Underworld Circle [513000118]
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