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Hi guys, this is a suggestion for the programmers: Due to the fact that the actual meta is horrible and very boring, and cause I got plenty of free time recently, I built some awesome Character's decks since the ai ones are very few and kinda suck.

These decks are used by:

First Generation:

Yugi muto / Seto Kaiba / Joey Wheeler / Pegasus J Crawford and Raphael.


Yuki Judai 1 (elemental hero) / Yuki Judai 2 (neo spacians) / Yuki Judai 3 (manga deck/masked heroes) / Yuki Judai 4 (Supreme king/Evil heroes) / Sho Marufuji (Syrus Treusdale) / Ryo Marufuji (Zane Treusdale) / Jun Manjoume (Chazz Princeton) / Aster Phoenix (Edo Phoenix) and Cronos de medici (Vellian Crowler).


Fudo Yusei / Jack Atlas / Crow Hogan / Aki Izaoyi (Akiza) and Kyosuke Kiryu (Kallin Kessler).


Tsukumo Yuma / Shark (Reginald Kastle) / Kite Tenjo / Trey (III) / Quattro (IV) / Tron (Vetrix) and Astral.

Arc V:

Sakaki Yuya / Akaba Reiji (Declan) / Nobunuga Gongenzaka (Gong) and Shiunin Sora.

Each deck contain cards used by the respective duelists, there are few exceptions though, for example: yugi's deck contain some cards that might be used by him like: magi.magi magician girl or the xyz dark magician, in general, evolved form of his cards. In some cases i was forced to include some anime cards just to complete 40. So you have to make sure you choose the appropriate format to play with some decks, of course, most of them are valid in Tcg and Ocg format and dont need any modifications from your part.

Obviously, some of them are well balanced and above average while certain decks are weak and have low chances of winning, for example: Joey's deck counts on luck and is very difficult to play with unless you perform several good draws, in the other hand, Shark's deck is quite good and can be even competitive.

Anyway, I tried to pick random charachters and play with my friend, and let me tell you, it's a very enjoyable experiment, as we get to see and play new cards and new strategies.

If you like the idea, you can contact me here ot in private, in case u wanna include these decks to be used by the AI in the next update, or i can always upload them here, so other players can use them too, and if someone wanna duel me with character's decks, they are more than welcome.

I seek zero profit for this, I just want ppl to enjoy the game as much as i do.

Looking forward for your replies. Have a nice evening!
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