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Rainbow neos
So I've made a deck basically based on Rainbow Neos.I usually reach my Neos fast when it comes to field the game is secured for me pretty much.Yet sometimes it's not enough.To support my Game I can't just trust Neos so I have put some elemental heroes,2 masked heroes and one rank 8 Xyz.I use them when I think I cant summon Neos or even I do,that won't save the game.Well the thing is my cards in my hand are reducing so fast because of the fusion i try to make.My hand usually is empty when I summon my monsters and sometimes things don't go as I want and I lose my monsters which makes my area unsecured.And I want to keep playing and try to win but with an empty hand,my next draw don't work much and I lose.So what you guys think what should I put away/in ? if you think the deck sucks say it so.And by the way another problem is I am throwing a lot cards to my banished zone.Do you guys think I can create an advantage from that,Idk I need help.
Doctor Guy
post the .ydk so I can tinker with it. I've made rainbow neos themed decks before and I'm glad that the new mask change cards are out so I can really make it versatile.