So I need cards that help me send designated cards from the deck to the graveyard, so i don't want something like lightsworns but something that mills cards which I designate.

Also, If there are more cards like call of the haunted?

Especially if it is for dark monsters, thank you in advance!
if you wanna send plaguespread zombie to the grave, uni zombie is one that can do it, another is summoner monk (just ss armageddon, use his effect, then xyz to lavalval), creeping darkness is also good for the dark deck

ps. mathematician as well but i think you're already know 😛
mooyan curry
Could also try Summoner Monk to search Grepher and Armageddon Knight for their effect, then Xyz them into Lavalval Chain for yet another graveyard send.

For extra Call of the Haunteds, try Oasis of Dragon Souls. It's basically identical to Call except it summons in defense position and treats the monsters as Wyrm-type.
In my Quillbolt Loop deck i use Lavalval Chain(summoner monk+armageddon knights), premature burial, mathematician and kuribandit. You can try those.
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Divinum Fulmen
Tour Guide to the Underworld can work like this for lv3 fiends, with the added bonus of bringing out some of the mildly annoying Xyzs (Temtempo, Giga-Brillient, that one TCG only thing, Zenmains)