With the new update, was there something implemented that makes it impossible to play unless you're online? Since the update, even when in Deck Edit or AI mode, if my internet connection drops, Ygopro errors and shuts down. Is there anyway to fix this and thanks in advance.
That is very odd. I just tested disconnecting the internet while in YgoPro and I could continue using it, also I could load up and play with no internet.

What is your current YgoPro version. (Just to be sure) What are your computer specs as well as this may have an affect?
Thanks for the reply. It doesn't disconnect right away though since it takes a minute or so to completely disconnect from the net, but it does this when entering Ygopro (I'm not sure on if you already have Ygopro up, but I'm pretty sure I would have tried that too).

Anyway the Ygopro version I'm using is 1.033.3 V2, and the computer is a Windows Vista (not entirely sure of too much else, but I'll answer what I can)

Also, I just tried extracting each element of the update separately on the previous version, and the file "cards.cdb" was the one that once again caused the issue after extracting the pics and script folders successfully. But messing around with a cdb file without knowledge of it would be just as bad, so I hit a brick wall here.
It seems as though with the new update I am able to use it offline only if Ygopro is ran as an administrator, but it's just weird that I've never had that problem with older updates. But it's ok now since I can at least work with it. Thanks for now.