Honda Kun
My friend and I both downloaded the 1.033.3 V2 update for MAC on two separate computers and both are having the same issue. When we try to open the application it begins to load and then fails. no error messages or anything, just refuses to open the application. anyone else having this problem or know a solution? Thanks in advance for your help
mine will not install. it will download, but when i install it goes through, says it was successful but doesnt apply any changes.
Honda Kun
We found a solution to our problem, this might help in your case as well. what we ended up doing was installing everything manually (except he launcher itself which is what seemed to be the problem.) now its working fine. try doing that and it might just work.
I'm having the same problem with the update as the ygopro app will load for a few seconds before closing. Everything seems intact, it just won't open. I'm curious as to how you installed everything manually, because this has happened on every ygopro update I've had for the mac and I've always had to reinstall ygopro altogether and lose all of my decks and replays. But seeing as there is no link for reinstalling it altogether for the mac yet, I really need to know how to get this problem fixed if you know the solution!
I'm having the same issue! How would you manually download it? The downloading website that the file is in will not download! Please help!
Galahad Eins
I also have the same issue. The Mac updates have never worked as it should. I always have to reinstall everything every time there is a Ygopro update.
i have the same problem, i cant open it after i downloaded the update, also how do you instell it manually, i am a noob to pc stuff.