So, i recently got this fancy Next-gen Windows 8 x64 Dell PC
This thing has enough power to run Starcraft 2 on full graphics, so power is no issue.

Anyhow, I've tried the last 5 versions of YGO pro and they all give me the same problem: They all lag out and become responsive as soon as i click anywhere on the application interface. It displays as 60 FPS and then just stops.

I get the windows error message "YGO-Pro has stopped responding"

I don't know what's wrong. All my C+/C++ libraries and MCSilverlight are up to date (as is .Net framework), and there should be no compatibility issues (i've run it as admin, and in compat-mode from win-7 down to win-2000 )

I've checked with my graphics settings and they should support it. just to be sure i switched off my graphics processor (Nividia Geforce) and set YGO to run on dedicated RAM only (i can do that) but the problem is STILL there.

Is anyone with a newer computer having the same issues?

Any suggestions?