I bought an ancient fairy tin and power tool dragon tin. I decided to record what I got from them. I had much better luck with the power tool tin. If your interested to see what I got feel free to check them out.

mooyan curry
You had some nice pulls from both tins I thought. Those Fairy Winds in particular are quite valuable now despite being commons.

If you're looking for more holos from tins, I'd recommend the Number 10: Illumiknight tin. Those were surprisingly generous with holo card pulls for me.

I bought 2 of those tins when they were released and pulled holos from every single pack in 1 tin (Secret, Ultimate, Ultra and Super), and a couple from the other (Secret & Super). The Solemn Warnings weren't bad either. [:smile:]
Thank you, fairy wind sounds like a side deck card for me. Its because I still keep heavy storm in my deck lol.

super rare solemn warnings? cool. I never bought that tin since I got Illumiknight from the Photon Shockwave booster. The next time I decide to go on a yugioh card binge I'll definitely keep an eye out for that.
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