I was in a duel against qliphorts and my opponent summoned Apoqliphort Towers, but earler in this turn I had used Number 81: Dora on itself (so it is unaffected by other effects for the whole turn), later on my opponent activated Apoqliphort Tower's effect to make me send a monster to the graveyard, I had selected the Number 81: Dora which effect I had already used, and it was actually send to the graveyard. Isn't this a glitch? My Dora was supposed to be unaffected by other effects (and clearly sending it to the graveyard is via the effect of the MONSTER EFFECT of Apoqlihport Towers.

I appreciate the time you put into reading my thread.
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"Apoqliphort"'s "Share the Pain"-like effect will affect your opponent, not their monster. Therefore it ignored your "Number 81"'s immunity.
For more info, check the ruling of "Share the pain".
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