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Here's my version of "Worm Traptrix" inspired by Kevin Bergano - YGO State Champion 2014-07-28 Florida.

I don't usually play meta decks if you can read my name on the video.

Audio: Freeplay Music

Thanks to radm01 for a nice duel!!

Here's a Youtube link! Please like or share the video! Thanks!
mooyan curry
Interesting combination! I like it. [:smile:]

One thing though: I saw the Worm, I saw Traptrix monsters, I saw Ice Hand...
If there's any Artifact monsters, your deck could be called "What".

Would make for some funny moments if someone asked "What deck are you using?". [:laugh:]
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I side some cards, it's better to leave the opponent clueless of what your deck is. The opponent may have a hard time to predict the incoming cards.