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Pendulum Effect
Once per turn, if you do not have a card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can choose 1 Pendulum Monster from your Deck and place it in that Pendulum Zone.

Monster Effect
2 Level 7 Dragon-Type monsters
If you can Pendulum Summon Level 7 monsters, you can Pendulum Summon this face-up card from your Extra Deck. If this card is Xyz Summoned by using an Xyz Monster as any of its Materials: This card can make up to 3 attacks during each Battle Phase this turn, also destroy as many Level 7 or lower monsters your opponent controls as possible, and if you do, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent for each monster destroyed by this effect. If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can destroy all cards in your Pendulum Zones, and if you do, place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

pendulum Effect of OERD allow to Xyz summon using Xyz monster as a material of OERD......

can I usiong non-Dragon Xyz Monster as it's material???? 

in the card tips only shown Dragon-Type as it's matral...
the card hasnt even released yet so no official rulings yet
there's nothing on the text that say you can xyz summon OERD by using xyz monster..... the first effect does
trigger when summoned using xyz monster as material, but you cant do it manually without other card effect
(such as destruction+creation magician or RUM)