Yeah, I've been messing with these two, and I noticed Number Wall (TCG version, not anime) doesn't protect monsters from being destroyed by card effects, it just sits there doing nothing. Now, about Sphere Field, when you Xyz Summon a monster using some cards like Bachibachi, Star Drawing, etc. you don't get what they're supposed to give it(draw for star, 1000 ATK for Extra Sword, etc.). Sphere says both players can Xyz Summon using the cards from their hand, so why wouldn't these three work? I tried using Trolley Rolley too, which says the monster gains 800 ATK while it's attached to it, but it still doesn't work. Maybe because it's coded the same way, but it should work with all of them. Star Drawings says:
"An Xyz Monster that was Summoned using this card as an Xyz Material gains this effect.
  • When it is Xyz Summoned: Draw 1 card."

According to Sphere, they are XYZ Summoned, They use the monsters from the hand as Xyz Material, and yeah, that's what they need to trigger their effects. If I'm wrong, someone correct me about this, but even if I am, Trolley should definitely be working that way. Thanks for helping.
Edit: Just noticed something else, When I summoned Chronomaly Atlandis, it didn't let me equip any number monster from my grave to it, so I think an Xyz Summon through Sphere is considered a simple Special Summon, which isn't what it's supposed to be. thanks again :|
Number Wall is known to not be working at the moment, it also can be activated when you do not have a "Number".

For Sphere Field, they are not Xyz Summoned by the monsters being used they are Xyz summoned by Sphere Field. I am only making a logical guess as this is an Anime card so will not have any rulings. I guess this could be up for debate.
Well, I think they are Xyz Summoned, and that they do use these monsters. It says, "Players can Xyz Summon a random "Number" monster from their Extra Deck by using 2 monsters with the same Level from their hand as Xyz Materials, ignoring the Summoning conditions. If a monster Summoned by this effect has no Xyz Materials, destroy it." I hope you get my idea. Also, again, I tried using Trolley and still, nothing happened, so it still needs fixing. Anyway, yeah, again, thanks for answering, it's been really helpful to me and I hope it'd get fixed soon. v.v
Trolle Rolley work corectly, if you use it in normal way (without NUnmber Sphere). I just use it yesterday.
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Yeah, but it's supposed to work with the Sphere Field, since it boosts the Xyz Monster while it's attached, not if it was summoned using it.