I've been having this issue with pendulum summoning for a while now but I've ignored it until recently; when I've begun testing other pendulum decks. Besides Qliphorts no other pendulum deck will recognize my extra deck as a valid zone.

What I mean is that I can have the correct scales to summon monsters but it will not activate or it will only choose cards in my hand. For instance I can have Zefra-Qiuniu (scale 7) and Zefra-Fuxi (scale 1) in my pendulum zone.

I should be able to summon monsters from both my hand and the extra deck whose levels are 2-6. Qiuniu is a level 6 pendulum so I should be able to summon another one (from my extra deck) if it exists in my extra deck. But it won't work. I know the zefra pendulums have the restriction of only pendulum summoning "Zefra" monsters or whatever their other name is. (in this case "yang-zing") However it acts like my scale is wrong or it can't summon from the extra deck.

It isn't just Zefra monsters either I've had issues with performapals as well pendulum wizard (scale 2) and Lizard draw (scale 6) and yet can't summon any level 3-5 pendulum monsters from my extra deck.

I don't know if this has been addressed or if its my version thats bugged but I could use some help.

Any suggestions?

Works fine for me.

Please post replay of these situations stating when you could not Pendulum Summon. Also on what server and game version this occurred.
I am using version 1.033.4 Percy.

Should I re-download ygopro? If not what exactly do I need to do? How do I post replays?

Also, I was going against the A.I.

If you can recreate the issue on LAN mode or on a server you can save a replay there. And to post them here press, Attach files to this post? above Preview, Post, Cancel.

If you only get the issue vs the A.I then please post a easily repeatable series of events so it can be looked into.
I set scale 6 Performapal Lizardraw and scale 2 Performapal Pendulum Wizard. I then activate Lizardraw's ability to draw 1 card. Next I activate another Performapal Lizardraw to complete my scale. (scale 6 and scale 2)

I should be able to summon monsters from both my extra deck (pendulum) and my hand whose levels are between my scales. [6 and 2] However it will only allow me to special summon from my hand; even though I have Performapal Lizardraw (whom is a level 3 monster) in my extra deck. Nowhere on the card does it state that I can't activate its effect and can't summon it from the extra deck this turn. Even when I don't activate the effect it does this. Also there are times when I have several pendulum monsters ready to be summoned but it won't allow me to. However if I skip my turn then next turn I'm able to pendulum summon. So I'm confused as to why it doesn't work consistently.

I even made sure that there were no other effects that prevent pendulum summoning were active. I do have an image of the event happening but its a jpeg file and I don't know of another way to upload it.

I hope this helps if not please tell me what else I can do to solve this issue.


Just tested that scenario and summoned Peformapal Lizardraw successfully.

If you have images you can host them on sites like imgur and then either link to them or use the insert image button above the text box you type in.

Can you recreate this error online or in LAN play (By opening two YgoPro games and duelling yourself)? Because then you will get a replay which can be very useful to identify bugs.
pendulum problem
Sorry about the size I don't know how to fix it. But as you can see I activated the pendulum summon but only the cards in my hand are "valid." I can summon the level 3 performapal rhino from my hand but not the Performapal lizardraw from my extra deck. There were no effects that prevented summoning from the extra deck activated at this point.

Hope this helps.

Did you use Performapal Call during your/your opponent's turn?... If you did, then that's the reason you can't pendulum summon from your Extra Deck.

In the Yang Zing Example, did you have Yang Zing Creation in play?... If you do, then that's another reason.

Both those cards prevent you from summoning anything from your Extra Deck. (In Creation's Case, you can only Summon Synchro Monsters from your Extra Deck).