i don't think it is only annoying for me, it would also be annoying for the people who play against me, cause they spend time on a duel that cannot be completed due time limit. i ve played in starbucks, at home, at school, nothing changes, i still get time out, and i cannot do combos or i lose. and even if i dont perform combos i lose. this is not supposed to be a server for a few people, i think this should be for anyone who plays yugioh around the world. i think the time limit is too agressive
Checkmate will be along shortly.

But spend some time searching the forums and reading up on others and what he has said there.

These threads are caused by a recent change I made on the timeout code.
Now people who are lagging get the same bonus time as normal people instead of getting more seconds per turn.
Some tests have shown that the probabilty that you hit the time limit increases when your latency is greater than 2000 milliseconds.
As a reference, most online games become unplayable when the lag is greater than 500 ms.

please, go here and run the test a couple of times.
tell me then what values you get as latency.

does it happen always or only in some hours during the day?

Where are you from?

Please, try with another computer and tell me if you notice something different.
Sometimes that problem is caused by a misconfiguration

I'm not punishing anyone, I'm just not rewarding people who are making the game worse for their opponent because of their bad internet connection