I would like to start off by saying i truly appreciate this app. I love playing yugioh on my android, but i would like to make a couple suggestions. Idk if they are possible, but i would very much enjoy them a ton if they were.

I for one am a pretty experienced player, aka a competitive player. Im not the best nor do i claim to be. But i can handle my own vs the very best. I hate that sometimes i have to look for like 30 minutes or more to finally play someone worthy. Sorry, 60 card guy with no extra deck has a zero percent chance to beat me. I quit and look for at least someone with 15 extra deck cards. Hopefully with a deck closer to 40 main deck than 60,if you know what i mean. And then i have the misfortune of being paired with fluffal decks and ice barrier decks and crystal beasts. So even if their main deck is 40 i could still be paired up with a trash opponent. Like i literally just spent nearly an hour quitting b4the match started turn 2 because they either played a trash deck or 60card deck. Im not even that picky. Just have a cohesive deck like fire fist or ritual beast. I play meta only, so id rather face nekroz but i can settle for playing vs a rogue deck. 1 hour and i couldnt even find a rogue deck, let alone a top 3meta deck. Plz help, i will go mad.


My 2nd issue is the traditional format we play in. This is basically DNCG. You should not be able to play 3 rota and 3 instant fusion and elder god noden and raigeki and cyber dragon infinity all in the same deck. This is a fake fomat that doesnt exist, aka traditional.
Like why should i be paired up vs cyber dragon infinity and elder god noden when they dnt even have TCG release dates. Ill never see those cards at locals or a regionals. Those could be released in late 2016 for all we know, in the TCG.

I hate to sound entitled. I just wanna face a talented opponent who only uses TCG cards.
Thank you.
What you say are very harsh but i understand. Some people i play rage quit but there are good opponent.
prediction Princess
Yanagi nagi/Yui Horie/Ayana Taketatsu
And more.