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When I try to click on the deck editor ygopro automatically crashes. Can anyone help me?
Hi, I'm here to help with your issue. A couple of questions first.

Do you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++?
It your Netframwork updated?
What operating system are you on? (Windows XP, Windows 7, Unbuntu, Fedora, Mac OS X, Etc.)
Do you have the skin feature for ygopro?
In your system.conf file, do you have use_skin set to 1 or use_d3d set to 1?
Have you attempted to add any cards to the game yourself?

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I don't know if Microsoft visual c++ is updated but I do know that I updated my .net framework. My computer runs windows vista. And I dot she. Any skin feature added to it. When I downloaded the new version it opens up fine, but as soon as I press the deck editor button a message comes up that says that ygopro has stopped working.
The same thing is happening to me. I don't know how to update my visual c++ (if it isn't updated already) but all the other stuff is ok.