This mode is cool. I can enjoy a duel without facing Elemental Dragon, QUasar first turn...
But the AI right now is too .... dump.
For example:
- Tribute Black Luster and Metal Dragon for .. tragoedia?
- Fuse 1 Cyber dragon and a Machina Fortress for a Chimeratech with 1600 atk?
- Or event summon Black Luster soldier and activate his effect to remove him self just because i dont have any monster?

MY suggest is
1. Improve the AI
2. Make some deck (strong and weak all kind) and program the AI follow that deck so atleast the AI know what to do with that deck so it doesnt tribute Quasar for Summoned Skull
Yeah let's understand that AI mode is in its infantile state. As of now its pretty in "do whatever is possible without thinking about it" mode. My first encounter with it, it summons naturia beast and runs into my stardust lol. Kinda reminds you of the AI on the GBA DS w/e games where they'd magic jammer w/e spell you played no matter the circumstances. The AI mode pretty much wont ever be perfect but lets hope it eventually reaches a competancy level. I agree with the ideas to program it to be able to play a selection of already incorporated decks to at least give it some sort of function.
It hard to make an AI that can play any deck. Even Human (except Yugi, he can play a deck combine from 40 totally random cards and still win) so i think the only way to make it good is program it to play a specific deck.
I think about it when i make it use a dino/rabbit and it keep use 2 dino to xyz Emeral Daigusto instead of to Evolzar
I had a pretty hard time defeating the AI when i let it use my custom Hunderfamily deck. It chain summoned 5 Huner monsters and (thanks to thunder seahorse) and as 5th monster he used sishunder to get thunderseahorse back next turn, summoned 2 XYZ monsters and it was my turn, this was all in first turn.

Pretty impressive for the AI huh ^^
impresive it is cool but it dosent think it was startin formidable at first but wen i summoned my odin (aesir deck) and destroyed his big eye it summoned an elemental dragon redux and atacked odin and let me win the duel. i know it needs alot of improvin but at least make it so it wont atack high atack point monsters with weaker monsters unless it knows strategy.
You think you guys got it hard, mine summoned Arcanite Assault Mode 2 turns in a row...
There are decks specified to AI. Check Decks subforums to get it.