Sanger Zonvolt
Anyone interested in playing an older format?

We have formed a skype chat for those interested in playing in Classic to GX era cards, either if you feel the new cards are too fast, too broken, or just want a case of nostalgic play from the older days we're up for it.

Right now the newest set we are playing with is Strike of Neos.

If you would like to be added into the chat, just send me a contact request to sanger-zonvolt or post your skype here to be added.

We are dueling all the time, and mostly play with a few restrictions based on said older format.
Hi!, would you add me as porygon2z in skype?
I tried looking for you but many accounts appear
Count me in, jamster280. 🙂
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Sanger Zonvolt
Contact request sent to both, happy to have you aboard. [:thumbu:]
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