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The first card manager I ever used on cards.cdb is YugiOh Card Manager 1.2 but it was no longer being updated until Outlaw's YGOPRO Manager. So far I tried running Outlaw's YGOPRO Manager and it never worked due to a crash that prevented it to load and I was using the modified "cards.cdb" that had hundreds of card renames and changed id tags. YugiOh Card Manager 1.2 didn't have that issue though. It would be a complete nightmare for me if I started all over again for the original and unchanged "cards.cdb" that might work on Outlaw's YGOPRO Manager

But what's the difference(s) between YugiOh Card Manager and now the current Outlaw's YGOPRO Manager? All I know is that Outlaw's version supported Pendulum and Wyrm monsters.