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I need to know what I need to change to make this viable. Having a hard time syncing with this.

Aqua Mistress

Need Feeback please.
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More support will come for aqua actresses. For now, the best deck is a lock deck with Testudo erat Numen and Lose a Turn. Numen prevents anyone from special summoning monsters with 1800 atk or higher. Since all the Aqua Actresses have low atk, that's no problem. Normal summoning also works. Then, idea is to buff up the Aqua actresses via Wetlands and Aquarium Lightning. Aquarium Stage adds stall just in case opponent figures out a way to destroy them by battle. Sea Lord's Amulet protects them from getting destroyed by card effects.

There are some other techs too. Since there are many continuous spell cards, people are running summoner monk and Koa'ki Meiru Ice. The reason to run Numen over Barrier Statue is because it can be special summoned via One for One. Also, Numen prevents Nekroz from special summoning while Barrier Statue does not. You don't need Aquarium Set since Wetlands gives a higher boost. You don't need Arowana either which interferes with Numen and requires a tribute. My deck is in my thread, named Aqua Actress.
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Like Antimetaman said we need to wait more of their support!Antimetaman deck is really like his name! ;)

Look the fluffy!
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