There's a problem I'm having with the trap Red Screen.

The card itself prevents my opponent from declaring an attack, but the problem is, even if my opponent does something that I could chain Red Screen to, very often, the game won't give me the option of activating Red Screen.

If my opponent does nothing in the Main Phase I and heads straight for the battle phase, I can chain Red Screen to the first monster's attack, but since Red Screen prevents an attack from being declared and the attack was already declared, I still take that first damage.

I've lost plenty of duels because of this. Is there anything that could be done to fix this?

Maybe make it possible to activate the card when the opponent draws or during the standby phase. Preferably a trigger to activate it at the start of the Battle Phase.

Here hoping there's something.

PS- I posted this thread originally in the Support and Feedback section. If someone could delete it, I'd appreciate it.
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Hold left click or "a", and you can activate any card that can be activated at the moment.[:smile:]
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