Would anyone please help me with this card effect?

Once per turn, you can reveal the top card from your Opponent Deck. If your opponent activates that card during your opponent’s next turn, you can destroy all Pendulum monsters in your Pendulum Zones, and if you do negate the effect and destroy it.

I understand the cost of the effect but I don't understand is how I can designate the top card, so that the continuous spell card can destroy that specific card. I would be greatful if you can help.
Hey! So I'm not on my computer right now so I can't script it for you but I'd just like to say that if you can't target the top card with your script, maybe you could target a card with the same name, and not specifically this one... Idk if you understand shay I'm trying to say... Instead of targeting the top card for the next turn, you could just target its code...
I really don't know if I said that clearly but well, the idea crossed my mind so I'm trying to help you! (sorry if I don't lmao)
Good luck with the script!
Michael Lawrence Dee
Top card? See cards that say draw 1 card and reveal it. As for target part, check out Fleur de Vertige should have the SetTargetCard thingie.
Now this is how I play:
Hold on, I'm confused as to why I need to use that card? :/ I just need to know how to register the revealed card so I can negate that card.
Well, you can use conscription to excavate their top card, royal writ of taxation to "register" that card or a card with the same name, you'll have to limit that to the end of their turn not yours though, cloak and dagger to trigger when your opponent uses it (change yours to optional though), odd-eyes rebellion for the destroy all pendulum cards in your pendulum zones, and anything that negates for the negation.

Just make sure that in case you reveal a monster, you include negating a monster effect as well, at least I think you're just going for negation of anything that activates, not just spell/traps