Heres some issues and some feedback.

1. AI doesnt know how to place its monsters in defence mode, so it will continiously place its monsters in attack mode.
2. AI doesnt know the purpose of the deck, before each match, the AI should take a few moments to read the deck and its combos and what the purpose is, for example if the deck is a skull servant deck, it should detect that it has to get these monsters in the grave and so on.
3. AI doesnt combo very well, i had it use a simple combo deck and it couldnt use it at all it just kept doing random shit lol.

Heres my suggestions:

The AI should:

1. Take some time to read the whole deck and its purpose before the match.
2. Teach the AI how to use some of the most popular tier 1 decks like Prophecy and Elemental Dragons.
3. Make it so that you can choose from certain decks that the AI can play very well instead of just decks that the player has.
4. Fix the AI comboing, it should be a lot better than it is now.

I hope i helped, the AI feature is good for a game like Yu-Gi-Oh, i am surprised that this small indie client even has an AI mode to be honest lol.
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